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Lavra's plan


 1. The Holy Dormition Cathedral (healing  foot print of the Motherof God and Her wonder-working icon ).   
 2. The Caves  Church  (relicts of Saints  Job and Amphilochius).
 3. The Holy Trinity Cathedral.
 4.The Lavra Bell tower
 5. The church of  Laudation .
 6. Pochayev's Theological  Sсhool.
 7. Holy Gates.
 8. The Tour office.
 9. Chapel in honour of 400 anniversary of the transfer Pochayev's wonder -working  icon of Mother of    the God.
 10. Summer church.
 11. Chapel in honour of the 2000 anniversary of the birth of Christ.
 12. Icon and  book shop.
 13. The religious rites' office.
 14. Passageway  to St. Job's  well .
 15. St. Job's  well , nearby selling of holy water, holy bread.
 16. The entrance to the church of St. Job.
 17. Hospice.
 18. Underground walkway to the parking lot.
 19. An underground passageway to the territory of the Lavra.
 20. The lower parking lot.
 21. The upper parking lot.
 22. The road to the bus station.
 23. The road to Radyvilov.
 24. The road to Ternopil.
 25. The road to the monastery cemetery of Holy Spirit Skete.
 26. The road to Kremenets.